Ranking Cooking Schools

Ranking Cooking Schools

We have been getting your questions for as long as we've been online:

  • "What are the top cooking schools?"
  • "Where can I find the top culinary education?"
  • "Is there a ranking for chef programs?"

Ratings and rankings are very common - almost rampant - in the education industry (think, US News & World Report or Princeton Review), but not so for culinary education. Thus far, there just isn't much out there for those who want an "objective" ranking of cooking schools.

Of course, if you've looked around, you know that already.

And that's OK because the question of "what's best" is loaded anyway: While it's true that there are a few very well-known and respected culinary schools, the answer to the question of "what's right for me" will be different for every individual.

Although cliche, it is true that there is not one "top" culinary school in the world - even the most prestigious chef program may have aspects that will not suit your specific needs or personality.

We tend to agree with the many critiques of school rankings which lament the attempts to boil down the needs of the individual into a bullet-pointed list of "The Top Cooking Schools in the World!" - the vast majority of the lists that we've seen are not rankings at all, but nothing more than marketing and not designed to meet your real-world needs.

(Insert heavy sigh here, and please continue reading)

That said, we know that you want more because you've been writing us for years with the same questions. Furthermore, we will now acknowledge that rankings of cooking schools, chef training, and culinary programs do indeed provide a great place to start for those who are determined to find the top chef education and the top culinary degree available.

The most critical ingredient that only you can bring along is an open mind for considering the many possibilities and circumstances of your unique goals and your own unique educational path.

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